Mechanical Screens

Mechanical Screens 2

Mechanical Screens for Wastewater PreTreatment

Municipal & Industrial wastewater treatment plants generally use mechanical screening as the first step in the wastewater treatment process (pretreatment). Mechanical screens remove larger solids from wastewater in order to protect the equipment in the treatment stages that follow.

The type of screen most suitable for a particular application relates specifically to the size and type of solids in the wastewater. For example, sticky solids may require the use of a drum screen, while larger solids may just require a standard screw screen.

We offer a complete range of mechanical screens, from automatic coarse bar screens, to drums screens and screw screens. We also offer specialist compact screen units that facilitate the combined removal of sand, oil, grease, fibers and solids all in a single process step.

Mechanical Screens 3

We can provide a suitable mechanical screen to successfully remove the following materials from industrial wastewater types:

  • Removal of large solids from wastewater [large food pieces or griVstones]
  • Removal of fibres from industrial wastewater [typical in pulps]
  • Removal af fine solids from wastewater [sand, small food particles]
  • Combination removal of fat, oil, grease, sand, solids and fibres from wastewater

Applications for Mechanical Screens:

  • Municipal waste water treatment plants
  • Municipal Pump Houses
  • Bakery wastewater treatment
  • Pasta processing and manufacturing
  • Distillery wastewater treatment
  • Potato chip/crisps factories
  • Slaughter houses/abattoirs/meat processing plants
  • Grit removal
  • Vegetable processing
  • Industrial solid separation
  • Any type of processing that produces wastewater with solids
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