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“DISC FILTER" innovation in tertiary water treatment

Our company has partnered with Transcend Cleantec and has specialized in the production of Disc Filter, waste water treatment systems for over 10 years. We have used all of our knowledge and experience in filtration to enhance our product portfolio. So after years of development and trials we bring you our innovation. It brings new filtration possibilities for your tertiary treatment applications.

Size and series

Disc Filter - For greater variability and adaptation to the capacity needs of each project & application TCPL TEAM has developed four size series of Disc Filter.
After long-term testing, we offer smaller compact filters with a diameter of 1m, medium-sized device with a diameter of 1.5 & 2m, and the biggest-sized device with a diameter of 3m providing the biggest filtration area and capacity.

Design and properties

  • To ensure the highest standards in waste water treatment technology we use only quality materials
  • Filter cloth is available with mesh opening sizes ranging from 5 μm to 50 μm.
  • 100% submerged design in combination with increased filtration surface for higher capacities.
  • TSS removal, Preduction, BOD and COD partial reduction is a great solution for the micro-pollutants removal applications
  • The non metallic chain doesn't need any lubrication
  • Design of the shaft and its fixing provides extraordinary long sealing life.

Out to in system

This type of filtration comes with 100% immersed disc design involving different type of filtration cloth than used on conventional 65% immersed Disc filters.

Exceptional filtration results can be achieved even with the combination of TCPL filters.

DISC FILTER – for efficient TSS removal

With increasing water crisis, irregular rain patterns, high density populated cities, water recycling efficiently is on the rise. Added to this NGT has raised the regulations of outlet norms for STP. Older plants in such scenario are getting notices from statutory bodies like pollution control boards to comply to new norms..
Disc filter comes as a preferred solution due its stand-alone installation outside the STP without any interruption to achieve desired levels in combination with MBBR. Disc filters are designed for tertiary treatment of municipal and industrial waste water bur not restricted to these applications.
We developed disc filter with knowledge and experience acquired in last twenty five year’s experience in water & waste water industry.

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