Dewatering Drainage Boxes


Model NT-2500D

The NT-2500D was designed with Vac trucks in mind.  It has low sides that allow a Vactor style truck to dump directly into the box.  The NT-2500 can be used to dry debris removed from storm drains and drop inlets.  Like the NT-8000, this unit can be transported on a roll-off truck and dumped at an approved disposal site.

  • Stationary
  • Mobile
  • Ideal for Vactor Style Trucks


(All dimensions are approximate)

Length: 22 ft.
Height: 42 in.
Width: 96 in.

The NT-2500D is mild steel coated with urethane paint on both the inside and out.

It is equipped with NewTech 740 Micro Filter screens along two sides and on the floor.

The filter screens allow the water from the solids to flow through the screens and drain out of the ports.

The screens hold the solids in the container, to be dumped later.

A full width lock/unlock rear door allows dumping of the solids after the dewatering
process is complete.

The NT-2500D is available in a hook lift or cable pull roll off


  • Front and Rear Rollers
  • Tailgate Tubing Reinforcement
  • Vertical Reinforcements (round side posts)
  • Heavy Duty Hinges and Offset Ratchet Locking Device
  • Front and Rear Anti-Splash Protector
  • Duraseal 2” Rubber Seal
  • Complete Roll-Over Tarp
    System with 5 Swivel
  • NewTech 740 Fixed Micron Fabric Lining with Stainless Steel Hold Downs
  • ¼ ” Steel Floor


  • Reduce disposal costs by eliminating excess water weight
  • Flexibility to create a staging area on any job site
  • Keep your cleaning truck
    working on the job site, not traveling to disposal site
  • Disposal can be performed by one
    person with a standard roll off truck
  • Debris is dry when dumping at the disposal site
  • Containers can drain by either gravity or suction
  • Excellent as a grit strainer for sewage treatment facilities
  • No Costly Disposable Liner Required
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