Dewatering Containers


The Interior of an NT-8000E Dewatering Container

Left side looking front
Left side looking rear
Right side looking front
Right side looking rear
Front inside ladder
Waste Material

flowing in from filler pipe opposite inside ladder

Model NT-8000E

The NT-8000E is a dewatering box that can be used with a roll-off truck.  The solids remain in the box that is then transported and dumped at an approved disposal site.  It is an affordable and easy to use solution when dealing with septage, grease and other liquid wastes.  We have seen a reduction in TSS and BOD in the effluent from these units.

  • Soft Top
  • Hard Top
  • Stationary
  • Mobile


(All dimensions are approximate)

Length: 20.4 ft.           Height: 8.0 ft.

Width: 8.0 ft.           Weight: 6000 lbs.

The Model NT-8000E Dewatering Container is made of mild steel.

The container is equipped with 750 micron filter screens along both sides and a double screen down the center mounted on a steel frame.

The filter screens allow the water, forced from the solids by the flocculation process, to flow through the screens and out the drain ports located in the bottom front.

The screens hold the solids in the container, to be dumped later.

A full width (hydraulic open/close, lock/unlock) rear door allows dumping of the solids after the dewatering process is complete.

The rear door is equipped with two 4” drains to aid in wash up and to discharge partially dewatered sludge.

A filler pipe, through which the container is charged with material, is located on the front of the container.

All ports are threaded to NPT standards.

An attached ladder gives easy access to the top of the container where three inspection doors are located.

The container is capable of being tilted to dump loads of dewatered material.

The mild steel is sand blasted, primed and coated on the inside with an epoxy and on the outside with security blue paint.

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