Automatic Poly Preparation and Dosing System

automatic poly dosing system

Automaticc Poly Dosing System (TAPDS)

The automatic polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing system consists of a rectangular tank divided into three compartments.

First compartment, for dilution, is complete with polyelectrolyte loading hopper, micro-screw dispenser and relevant variable speed drive, fast mixer for the polyelectrolyte mixing, inflow system for the dilution water and solenoid valve, flow meter and pressure relief; The mixing chamber with the a vigorous flow of water starts the initial mixing.

Second compartment, for the polyelectrolyte mixture maturation & homogenization, is equipped with slow mixer and bottom suction and drain system.
The third compartment, for maturation and storage, is used for the mixture storing and is provided with slow mixer and suction and delivery system for the polyelectrolyte solution.

Every mixers has two impellers fitted on its shaft, each one with four sloping blades. The polyelectrolyte preparation happens automatically: in fact, once the concentration (from 0.05% to 0.5% by weight) has been established, the dosing of dilution water and polyelectrolyte starts automatically. The solution at the TADPS outlet can be further diluted in the network, if required.

The preparation unit is provided with alarms activated by the failure of the dosing screw or shortage of dilution water, insufficient level of polyelectrolyte in the hopper, faulty operation of the stirrer. The powder dispenser is equipment with a screw with a heater arrangement to remove moisture if any. The standard construction is in stainless steel.

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