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Processing Grease Trap Waste

Puerto Rico

NewTech was contacted by a private company in Puerto Rico to look at their facility to determine what we could do to help them increase revenues and efficiency.

The customer wanted assistance in coming up with ways to process grease trap waste.

We designed a basic layout and then custom designed and built the equipment before having it shipped to them.

NewTech set up the equipment, started it up, and trained the facilities personnel on how to use the equipment.

NewTech was able to show them other ways they could use the equipment to create more revenue.


Dewatering Facility For Septic Haulers

Michigan, USA

NewTech assisted a private startup company in Lansing Michigan with developing a dewatering business. This private company wanted to develop a new dewatering facility for septic haulers in their region. The costumer bought an NT-8000 roll-off dewatering box and a polymer pump dosing plant. The dewatering box and the polymer pump dosing plant were custom designed for this customer. NewTech trained the customer at their facility on how to use the equipment.


Disposal Site For Grease Haulers

Pinellas County F.O.G. Facility, FL

Pinellas County Florida enacted a grease ordinance in 1999.

For the ordinance to succeed, the County recognized that they would need a disposal site for grease haulers.

NewTech set up and used our dewatering equipment to demonstrate that the County would be able to achieve the desired reductions and to assemble the required testing data.

NewTech partnered with HDR Engineering, a design build company, on this project.

NewTech brought years of experience and expertise in dewatering to the partnership.

NewTech and HDR worked together on the design and specifications of the building as well as the startup of the operation.

Once the startup was complete, NewTech trained the Pinellas County facilities employees on proper and efficient operation of the equipment.


Reduce Odor of Grease Trap Waste with Thickening Reactors

Private Wastewater Company, Long Island, NY

NewTech worked with this private company to help them with dewatering of grease trap waste.

We sold them our NT-8000 dewatering box with a pump dosing plant and this equipment was used for thickening the waste and moving it as a thick liquid.

After several years of using the roll-off dewatering boxes the customer needed a way to handle greater grease volume in the existing footprint of their facility.

We custom designed our new upright thickening reactor tanks based on these needs.

The system was designed to take up a lot less floor space and be easier to operate.

The process and equipment was designed to reduce odor by allowing the product to go from the truck, through the dewatering process, and thickened waste back on the truck for disposal without contact with the outside air.

We designed, built, and installed four thickening reactors which have the capability of processing 100,000 gallons per day.

Along the way, we also trained company personnel on how to use the equipment and offered them our full support.


Design of Wastewater Treatment System

Saputo Cheese, Hinesburg, VT

NewTech worked with Saputo Cheese of Vermont, a cheese manufacturing facility, with an onsite wastewater treatment system and lagoons.

NewTech evaluated Saputo’s waste disposal facility and process and proposed changes that would help save money by using our dewatering process.

We determined that hauling wastewater with low percent solids was adding significant costs to their process.

NewTech proposed that Saputo dewater the waste so the removed solids could then be composted and used as a soil amendment.

We used all of our own equipment and were responsible for all onsite dewatering.

NewTech has proven through this job and others that we can get the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Customers can get the NewTech expertise and dewatering equipment by hiring NewTech to handle their dewatering needs without purchasing the equipment themselves.

Dewatering and Hauling Grease Waste

City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY

NewTech worked with the city of Syracuse, New York to come up with a logical solution for their grease issues.  Our NT-1300 dewatering truck was designed to dewater waste on the truck and then haul the remaining solids to a landfill or other disposal site.  For one year, NewTech was on the job using our own dewatering truck to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution.  After one year, the City was very pleased with the performance and purchased an NT-1300 from us.  NewTech custom designed an NT-1300 dewatering truck to best suit the needs of the city.  Once the dewatering truck was built and ready to be used, NewTech helped the City of Syracuse set it up and trained City employees on how to use it properly.

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