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Reduce Odor of Grease Trap Waste with Thickening Reactors – New York

Private Wastewater Company,
Long Island, NY

NewTech worked with this private company to help them with dewatering of grease trap waste.

We sold them our NT-8000 dewatering box with a pump dosing plant and this equipment was used for thickening the waste and moving it as a thick liquid.

After several years of using the roll-off dewatering boxes the customer needed a way to handle greater grease volume in the existing footprint of their facility.

We custom designed our new upright thickening reactor tanks based on these needs.

The system was designed to take up a lot less floor space and be easier to operate.

The process and equipment was designed to reduce odor by allowing the product to go from the truck, through the dewatering process, and thickened waste back on the truck for disposal without contact with the outside air.

We designed, built, and installed four thickening reactors which have the capability of processing 100,000 gallons per day.

Along the way, we also trained company personnel on how to use the equipment and offered them our full support.

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