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Design of On-Site Wastewater Treatment System – Vermont

Saputo Cheese, Hinesburg, VT

NewTech worked with Saputo Cheese of Vermont, a cheese manufacturing facility, with an onsite wastewater treatment system and lagoons.

NewTech evaluated Saputo’s waste disposal facility and process and proposed changes that would help save money by using our dewatering process.

We determined that hauling wastewater with low percent solids was adding significant costs to their process.

NewTech proposed that Saputo dewater the waste so the removed solids could then be composted and used as a soil amendment.

We used all of our own equipment and were responsible for all onsite dewatering.

NewTech has proven through this job and others that we can get the job done in a timely and cost effective manner.

Customers can get the NewTech expertise and dewatering equipment by hiring NewTech to handle their dewatering needs without purchasing the equipment themselves.

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